A hurricane named Heidi

I’ve become one of ‘those people’.

It’s a common affliction and one which I had resisted for a long time but, maybe with the advancement of age, it has finally caught up with me.

The cause of this condition is small, chocolate brown and hyperactive, and answers to the name of ‘Heidi’.

She enjoys eating shoes, slippers, socks and blankets – basically anything that isn’t nailed down or placed on a height and out of reach.

Heidi’s arrival into our family had been talked about for the past year or more but, much like when my hubby and I discussed how we would love to be parents, it was a day we didn’t ever truly believe would happen.

For one, we were now parents of a ten year-old and an eight year-old. Our days of toilet training were over; so, too, were the sleepless nights for the most part, with the exception of when the children were ill.

We couldn’t possibly own a dog, could we? Who would take it for walks? Who would clean up after any ‘accidents’ and make sure it was fed and watered?

The answer? I would!

No, to be completely fair to the poor, put-upon husband, he does look after the new arrival very well.

And, boy, does Heidi take a lot of looking after!

Like anything which seems a good idea when it’s first talked about, owning a dog is much, much harder than it looks. Yet, equally, it’s hugely rewarding, too.

Heidi is fast becoming a treasured member of our family, and just as spoiled, if not more so, than our children.


The children absolutely adore her and, for my son, who was petrified of the four-legged fiends before Heidi came to live with us, that is one of the most beautiful benefits of all.


And, while this may be a short-lived miracle, Heidi’s arrival has resulted in our family getting back outdoors together for walks, which is something that had been replaced by the glare of digital technology and the appeal of pre-pubescent YouTubers who were occupying God-like positions in our household.

I am well aware the novelty of having a puppy will most likely wear off, particularly for our children, but it’s one that, for now, we are all genuinely enjoying.


If nothing else, our little chocolate brown whirlwind has made me more understanding of ‘those people’ who take comfort from animals, who can hold a full-scale conversation with a four-legged friend, and who find great joy in watching a dog chase a floorbrush like it was a mortal enemy.


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